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Company Culture
Managerial concept

Train of thought determines way out, and creation means development

Create and fine solutions to problems from impossibles.

Explore and investigate the creative methods after creation

Any creation is born in honest work

Market is our parents, and customers are always right.

Make first-rate product once embarking on the field

High-quality products come from high-quality staff

Staff members create ZDF, ZDF creates happiness for its staff

Administrative concept
Orientation towards people Rational allocation Truth seeking and innovation pursuing Entirety excellency
Staff rules

Display professional performance and have devotion to the position

Observe company regulations

Guarantee work quality

Behave politely and appropriately

Quality management

Solidify the concept that being responsible for product quality is being responsible for oneself, for the company and for customers.

Familiarize with equipments, master product technology and standards

Consciously obey technological rules and process procedures, and process products strictly according to relevant standards.

Discontinue to process and stop the flow of unqualified products

Examination strictly in regards with quality standards and not overlook any unqualified product

Take finished or semi-finished products as carefully as when one takes an egg

Conscientiously carry out the principle of three comparisons of the initial product

Immediately report to the company on case of discovering quality problem, and deal with quality problem in virtue of ˇ°three strictnessˇ±

Timely, accurately and truthfully write and report the original record

Be devoted to the production work wholeheartedly, strengthen the sense of responsibility and improve work efficiency.

Staff members all sign a contract of product quality with the company, agreeing to undertake quality responsibility.

Delve into one's profession to be a skillful and