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Successful Completion of class for advanced studies of bearing engineers
The class for advanced studies of bearing engineers in the first batch has completed successfully recently in Hang Zhou. The classes were jointedly organized by He Nan Technology College (originally Luo Yang Engineering College ) and research center of bearing experimentation in Hang Zhou. The last class was completed successfully in Hang Zhou Yi Du hotel on March 26 th to 27 th , 2005.

The class coverage of this batch of bearing engineers includes craftsmanship of roller bearing production, grinding, sharpening and harmonious wave control of bearing surface, bearing vibration and noise treatment, production equipments for roller bearing, testing techniques for roller bearing and application techniques for roller bearing (including bearing design theory), the six major subjects all taught by the highly qualified and learned professors from He Nan Technology College and with special question-answer periods by experts. The syllabus design lasts for a year, however the classes actually are taught in 3 times with the total time of half a year.

Bearing engineers of this batch in the class for advanced studies are 30 in number, among whom 27 persons gained the graduation certificate for tertiary education of He Nan Technology College. Doc. Li Xinglin ( concurrent post of professor in He Nan Technology College), president and chief executive of Hang Zhou research center of bearing experiments, and Prof. Xia Xintao together conferred on the students the graduation certificate.

By the class for advanced studies of bearing engineers, the professional level of staffs in bearing technology is enhanced; the deficient situation for lack of talented persons with medium and high technique application ability is gradually relieved; opportunities and methods of learning new techniques are provided to the majority of technique workers in order to enhance their study ability, practice ability and innovative ability, so that the total quality of the technique worker contingent in bearing industry can be heightened, and be able to offer strong technique and technological support for the goal of China becoming from a big country of bearing production to a powerful one.

Series of classes for advanced studies and classes of graduate program of bearing engineers with relatively longer duration, unique characters and certificate warranted will be continuously held according to the training and feedback situations of the class for advanced studies of bearing engineers in this batch,with the aim of making Hang Zhou research center of bearing experiments gradually be the ˇ°bearing campusˇ± of He Nan Technology College in Hua Dong region.