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Big demand from South African bearing market
In view of the reports from oversea media, the potentials for South African bearing market are quite big, with the annual sales volume being between 200 million and 280 million US dollars. So far the majority of bearings used in South Africa are relied on import, mainly from Europe, America , and the Far East .
The major bearing import companies in South Africa are BearingMan Company, Ina-FAG Company, SKF Company and Timken Company, among which BearingMan Company has market occupation volume of 1/3 out of the total market. In addition, SKF Company and Timken Company have bearing production factories in South Africa , with their bearing size and type able to be produced according to customers' requirements.
BearingMan Company staffs show that South Africa basically does not belong to the countries with equipments production origin. Even for the automobile industry, the bearing parts such as the gear boxes, steering wheels and wheel rollers, still need import from foreign countries.
Bearing application range in South Africa is wide, with the diverse types and shapes for instance straight line bearing, roller pin bearing, connected seat bearing and charcoal steel bearing, and with varied sizes from 1.5 mm to 1.5 m in diameter with the largest weight being 6 tons.